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A law firm opens a bookstore and a café to fight against loneliness

The House of Books & Friends will be in Manchester

Law Firm Artillerymanto cook is launching an independent bookshop, cafe and event space in Manchester to tackle loneliness in the community.

The House of Books & Friends is due to open this autumn in the Manchester Club building in Bruntwood, at the top of King Street.

The bookstore was established as a community benefit corporation (i.e. it seeks to benefit the community rather than private shareholders) and will offer initiatives to customers and businesses through prepayment programs, as well as opportunities to connect with their community through events. and a coffee.

Projects funded by book sale profits will engage the square mile around the shop, working alongside local charities to tackle social isolation and connect a wide range of people, including the elderly, the new parents and local schools.

Daryl CookeGunner Founderto cooksaid: “Loneliness is a widespread and growing problem in our society. It can affect anyone of any age and can come from many different causes at any time. We believe that bookstores can provide a powerful tool. Reading can connect us physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. When we read, we are not alone. Our goal will be to connect all the charities we work with and, at its core, to develop a culture of connection.

“We have appointed a talented bookstore manager at Waterstones, Naomi Self, and are currently recruiting a team who can bring their passion and work alongside us and our charity partners to make our dream come true.”

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