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Global law firm shows the UAE’s top lawyer the door on anti-gay tweets

International law firm Baker McKenzie has announced that it has “parted ways” with Dr Habib Al Mulla, who is their most senior associate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), over his homophobic and sexist comments on social networks.

Habib of Habib Al Mulla & Partners confirmed the departure but doubled down on his statements and said he would not apologize for his homophobic social media posts.

“I would like to thank everyone who has shown me their support and my position on homosexuality. Your support means a lot. I apologize if I have inadvertently missed responding to any of you,” a Al Mulla told his 61,000 Twitter followers.

“My personal opinions, which I have shared, represent my beliefs and beliefs which stem from my religion and my core values. I am very proud of them and will not apologize for my comments. Although we are a society tolerant and that we welcome individuals who think differently from us, we reject any ideas or beliefs that are imposed on us or that run counter to our Islamic ideals,” the lawyer said, adding that “out of respect for the friendship, I will shut up and avoid commenting on Baker McKenzie.

Homophobic and sexist comments

Al Mulla had posted in Arabic in a Twitter thread, stating that “the problem with homosexuality in the West is not just in the ugliness of the act”.

“But in the necessity of atheism by its nature. A person can practice perversion secretly and timidly, because he is aware of his error and that by his evil act he [a gay person] it is disobeying the Creator in what he does.

Al Mulla also commented on a video celebrating Emirati Women’s Day. In the short video, several women opened up about how they navigate their society, with one participant strongly encouraging viewers to say, “No matter how you look or feel on the inside, you’re not alone.”

Al Mulla interpreted the women’s lyrics as a radical celebration of female independence and the promotion of homosexuality. In a Twitter thread, he explained how he had reviewed the video and considered it “not a random act by a group rebelling against societal values”.

He claimed the last line in the video, “You are not alone”, was frequently used in gay posts.

Law firm denies lawyers’ homophobic tweets

Al Mulla also took aim at the women in the video, criticizing them and asking, “Who gave them the right to promote these ideas? They have full freedom to wear what they want and express what they want, but they are not allowed to misrepresent that they represent Emirati women and promote this model.

Baker McKenzie said “all of Dr. Habib’s social media comments represent his own views and not those of the firm.”

“Baker McKenzie strongly believes that even if we disagree with the personal beliefs and opinions of others, we must find ways to respectfully disagree, encourage inclusive dialogue, and ensure an inclusive work environment. for all,” the statement said.

The global law firm has confirmed it will part ways with Habib, but “remains committed to supporting both clients and employees in the UAE and the wider region.”