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Law Firm Crevit Mulier & Co Rolls Out Gender-Based Survivor Assistance Program


Law Firm Crevit Mulier & Co Rolls Out Gender-Based Survivor Assistance Program

Crevit Mulier & Co-Founder and Managing Director Lanji Ouko-Awori. PICTURES | BOWL

Law firm Crevit Mulier & Co has unveiled a program to help victims of gender-based violence (GBV) access impartial justice.

The 10-year multi-sectoral project will, among other things, highlight the gaps that exist in the dispensation of GBV cases in addition to sensitizing judges and magistrates on the issue.

To achieve this, it will undertake research, survivor and community outreach, forensic sensitivity training, and an assessment of the criminal prosecution and justice system.

Others are a multi-sectoral committee on sexual and gender-based violence and an external review before compiling policy recommendations.

“A ten-year timeline might seem like a long time, but the framework successfully completed Phase 1 in our second year and a half, but it looks like we’re barely scratching the surface.” said the company’s head of research and training, Yvonne Nzisa.

The law firm is partnering with Oxfam GB to implement the project.

“The project is strategic because it tackles formal patriarchal systems that indirectly perpetuate SGBV. A system-strengthening approach is likely to give us lasting results in tackling sexual and gender-based violence,” said Blandina Bobson, Director of Programs at Oxfam GB.

Crevit Mulier & Co is a law firm dedicated to providing a fair and impartial administration of justice through litigation, research, training and publications.

Its scope includes economics, finance, health, digitization, criminology and mental health, psychology.

Some of her legal milestones include researching HR sensitivity training at Nairobi Women’s Hospital as well as offering trauma-informed forensic training.

“The project assesses gaps and loopholes in access to justice for survivors of violence, regardless of age, status, class, gender or tribe. Focusing on justice reform from gender in the context of survivors, our overall goal is to improve reporting rates and improve public confidence in the criminal justice system,” added Lanji Ouko-Awori, founder and partner of Manning.

“Having the Kenya Judiciary Academy (KJA) as a partner is a profound indication of the Judiciary’s commitment to ensuring access to justice for all and further promoting gender justice reform.”

The Crevit Mulier & Co. research report titled, “Community-Led & Trauma-Informed Judicial Sensitivity Training; A One-Way Ticket to Gender Justice Reform” will be made available to the public before the office begins program design and project development.

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