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Law firm Parrish DeVaughn set to move into building on Classen

OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — Murry Parrish and his legal partner, Pepper DeVaughn, had their hands full this summer.

They continue to run an expanding law firm in Oklahoma City. Additionally, they coordinated the complete renovation of a two-story office building that the Parrish DeVaughn law firm purchased at 3601 N. Classen in Oklahoma City. The project is coming to an end.

The new Parrish DeVaughn Law Firm building at 3601 N. Classen is nearing completion. (BRETT DICKERSON/Okla City Free Press)

When complete, the business will vacate its leased space in the Bricktown section of downtown and move into its new building it owns in a part of town it believes will be better for its customers and the community. expanding his business.

“We have a philosophy that we try to get better as a company every day, just a little bit, by moving the needle,” Pepper DeVaughan told me over the phone. “In the city centre, our customers had to park in car parks or parking garages. …we represent injured Oklahomans. And, in an effort to improve ourselves a bit, we are now able to offer parking for our guests and at our front door.

Parrish De Vaughn
Pepper DeVaughn (provided)

But, the move has also been spurred by the growth of the business which is now “packed full” in the Bricktown site according to DeVaughan.

The Parrish DeVaughn law firm – in heavy advertising rotation on TV stations and on subway billboards with photos of Parrish and DeVaughn – is a personal injury law firm that DeVaughn says has gone from “ the three of us” only nine years ago and now hovers around “50 people or so.”

This rapid growth has been a “roller coaster,” DeVaughn said. “It was a fascinating journey.”

“It’s ours”

Parrish told me over email that there were several great benefits to acquiring and extensively redeveloping the two-story office building.

Parrish De Vaughn
Murry Parrish (provided)

“First of all, it’s ours. We don’t rent,” Parrish said. “We think it’s a good long-term game for the business. Additionally, we think the building is unique and will be associated with the business for years to come. Currently, we’ve become too big for our current location and 3601 will provide us with much needed extra space.

He also pointed out that community involvement was important to both of them and a big plus for buying and moving into the building.

“This space will allow us to host multiple events to advance this vision,” Parrish said.

They plan to feature local artwork in their public spaces as a form of advocacy for local artists.

All premises

Both DeVaughn and Parrish pointed out that in rebuilding the building on N. Classen, they used all local resources.

“We employed everything local in the development of the new property (from the architect to the artists),” Parrish said.

Additionally, he said they “chose to keep all employees under one roof as many companies have moved away.”

Both partners highlighted their commitment to the local community.

Parrish sent a list of the ways they have supported the community lately and added that it is their policy to attend events they support instead of just sending money.

  • OKC Dodgers (at games with ticket sponsorship winners)
  • Lyric Theater (during performances with ticket sponsorship winners)
  • OKC Ballet (on site for end-of-season dinner with cast and crew)
  • Perry Publishing and Broadcasting (on location during their Juneteeth Festival)
  • Make Promises Happen (on site at the OCCRA event)
  • Black Wall Street Rally (on site for two days)
  • Oklahoma Humane Society (on site for Pepper and Pets)
  • OR Children’s Hospital (on site for children’s Valentine’s Day cards)
  • Project Roadblock (sponsored by Uber Rides for New Years and St. Patrick’s Day)
  • OKC Outstanding Teacher Awards (on-site presentation for recipients)
  • OKC Public Schools (on site for backpack giveaways)
  • OKC Homeless Alliance (on site for winter storm and summer heat supply donations)
  • Pepper’s Ranch (volunteers on site)


Here are some details about the building itself:

  • Clint Newsome of Basis Design Architecture is the architect
  • Justin Schovanec of Left Frame is the general contractor
  • Current location is 12500 +/- square feet
  • The new location is 20500 +/- square feet
  • Approximately 18,000 feet will be used by the company in the new location
  • The business will inhabit all but approximately 2500 feet
  • The 2,500 square feet will be sublet to another law firm

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