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New PM takes over at pivotal moment for justice

New Prime Minister Liz Truss will have the opportunity to reset the government’s approach to the rule of law and address the crisis in the justice system, the Law Society of England and Wales said when announcing the results of the Conservative Party leadership. election.

“We call on the new premier to show renewed respect for the rule of law at home and with her international partners when she takes office,” said Law Society President I. Stephanie Boyce.

“The Bill of Rights Bill in particular needs a complete overhaul as the current draft represents a rollback for British justice which would deprive the people of Britain while giving the state more unlimited authority.”

“Our criminal justice system is facing a watershed moment with huge backlogs in the courts delaying justice for victims and defendants, while chronic underfunding is forcing lawyers to leave this field of work in droves. and leads to the collapse of our vital web of duty counsel schemes.

“We are calling on the Prime Minister to immediately implement the minimum 15% increase in criminal legal aid rates recommended by Lord Bellamy to ensure the wheels of justice keep turning.

“Investments should be made throughout the justice system, including court buildings, to ensure prompt access to justice for all.

“We are all facing a cost of living crisis and it is essential that lawyers are there when individuals and businesses need them to deal with the legal and financial challenges caused by spiraling costs,” added I Stephanie Boyce.

“Lawyers are also feeling the pressure of the rising costs of doing business – in particular rises in professional indemnity insurance – and we are calling on the new Prime Minister to take action to address this and ensure that they are there to do their vital work on behalf of others.

“We also hope there will be support for smaller law firms facing rising energy costs.”

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