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Olympia Fuller & Fuller Personal Injury Law Firm Celebrates 50 Years of Business as a Locally Owned and Operated Family Business

Mall of Olympia’s longstanding businesses have developed a legacy in the community through their family values ​​and commitment to service. Fuller & Fuller, a locally owned and operated personal injury law firm, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in business throughout 2022. To commemorate the milestone, owner Marya Fuller is giving away 50 $100 gift cards to members from the community. Visit their website to enter and win today!

Fuller & Fuller: A family business from the start

In 1972, Marya’s parents, Herbert and Carol Fuller, started the company. Here they are sworn to be admitted to the Washington State Bar. Photo credit: Fuller & Fuller

In 1972, Fuller & Fuller opened its doors to the Olympia community under the ownership of practicing attorneys and married couple Herbert and Carol Fuller. They met in law school, with Carol graduating as one of only two women in her class.

Carol practiced alongside Herb for many years before being named and elected the first female judge outside King County, Washington. She proudly served from 1979 to 1992 as a Superior Court judge before returning to work at the firm.

In the meantime, their daughter Marya Fuller had followed in her parents’ footsteps to become a lawyer herself and join the family business. She studied law at the University of Washington and held various positions at the firm before becoming a partner in 1986.

Marya enjoys serving her community as a personal injury lawyer for 36 years alongside her parents, brother, sister and sister-in-law. Both her mother and father retired and passed away recently within the past two years, but in their lifetime Marya knows they were thrilled to spend it working with their children and each other. “They were happy to see us here,” says Marya. “The three of us kids decided that was the path we wanted to go down, and I think it really gave the stability to work as a family. Even though it’s just me here now, I keep the company name and I love it.

Assistance in personal injury law with Fuller & Fuller

Portrait of Marya Fuller
Marya Fuller was honored to serve Olympia as a personal injury attorney alongside her family. Celebrating 50 years in business has been an exciting milestone and she looks forward to continuing to uphold the company’s heritage and values. Photo credit: Fuller & Fuller

Fuller & Fuller continues to provide personal injury legal assistance for a range of cases. From car and motorcycle accidents to pedestrian injuries and dog bites, the firm is able to provide legal representation and advice regarding many types of personal injury claims. “I love the variety of work I can do, because it always makes it interesting,” shares Marya. “It gives me great job satisfaction to work with clients whom I have helped through a very difficult time in their lives.”

Marya is one of the few attorneys with over three decades of personal injury experience in Thurston County, which provides confidence and peace of mind to her clients. She has a great love for the legal field and her specialized work, and intends to remain with the firm for many years to come. “I think my parents were great role models, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to have thousands of cases where we’ve touched people’s lives,” she says. Many of her clients have expressed the same sentiment in online reviews and personal notes, recalling the impact of their representation, knowledge and support during their time of need.

Currently, Marya is a solo practitioner with the firm and has a team of seven dedicated and diligent staff to help keep things running smoothly. “For many years our slogan was ‘We treat you like family’, so that’s what I want my customers and staff to feel too,” says Marya. “I’m very happy with the experienced team I have.” Together they strive to create a welcoming and friendly environment for their customers to create a positive experience no matter what they are going through.

Personal Injury Law with a Personal Touch

Mayra Fuller in prom dress
In her spare time, Marya enjoys ballroom dancing and often attends formal events in the area. She is also an avid hiker and loves nature and the outdoors. Photo credit: Fuller & Fuller

As a personal injury company, work at Fuller & Fuller is accessible to members of the community at all income levels. “Our clients aren’t required to pay hourly fees, so they don’t need to find money to start their case,” Marya shares. “Anyone can get effective representation since the fee is instead based on a percentage of the recovery.” Marya is happy to take your call and meet with you for an introductory consultation to determine how she can help you get the compensation you deserve in your personal injury claim. As a long-time Olympian, she sees the importance of supporting her local community and wants everyone to get the help they need.

For Marya, serving the community she loves has been an absolute honor and she intends to carry on her family’s legacy for many years to come. “I was born and raised here, so I have a very deep connection to Olympia and the region,” she says. “I feel like we have a wonderful community and I want to celebrate that and celebrate our strength over the past 50 years. I hope we can be a company at your service for the next 50 years! As a token of its gratitude and appreciation to the community, Fuller & Fuller has given away $100 open gift certificates to anyone who enters to win. So far they have given out 30 gift cards and still have 2 months worth of freebies to give away. To enter, simply visit their website and submit your entry for a chance to win 1 of 10 gift cards each month.

Over the years, Marya has seen many changes in her family, their business and in the community. Through it all, her love for her neighbors and family values ​​have always remained at the heart of her work. Here are 50 more years!

Fuller & Fuller Law Firm
409 Custer Way, Suite A, Olympia


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