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Patent Lawyer Joins Australian Intellectual Property Law Firm in Wellington

At FB Rice, we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. With the recent appreciation of the Māori culture, Te Reo Māori, the mother tongue of New Zealand has been revitalized. Te Reo Māori is increasingly recognized as an important part of the country’s New Zealand heritage.

Matt Adams is passionate about Indigenous New Zealand culture and recognizes the revitalization of the language, which is why he is currently learning Te Reo Māori to broaden his understanding and customer service offering.

I’m really excited to join the FB Rice team. I like the culture, the values ​​and the depth of talent here. This means that we can provide exceptional service to our customers through a combination of exceptional intellectual ability, creativity and business acumen.”.

– Matt Adams, Special Advisor

The onboarding of Matt Adams to New Zealand follows the move of one of our trademark lawyers, Natalie McOscar, who moved from Sydney to Christchurch in 2021. Additionally, a number of FB team members Rice is splitting her time between New Zealand and Australia.

“We are excited to expand our presence in Asia-Pacific the service offer. With several New Zealand-based clients doing amazing things, it was an obvious but strategic decision to have some of our team members placed on the ground to enable us to provide top-notch service to these new neo-marketing clients. potential Zeelanders.

Brett Lunn, Managing Partner.

About FB Rice

At FB Rice, customer experience is at the forefront of what we do. Our commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of service while working with them as equal partners has earned us awards for “Best Firm Specializing in Intellectual Property and Related Services”, “Best CX Firm: Specialist Intellectual Property and Related Services” and “Most Innovative Specialist”. IP & Related Services Firm’ at the recent Client Choice Awards 2022.

As Australia’s most trusted intellectual property company, we combine cutting-edge expertise in biotechnology, chemistry, computing and electrical, engineering and medical technology with integrity and determination to help our clients achieve their goals.