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The law firm’s Aberdeen office buzzes positively

There is an unmistakable buzz in the air at the Aberdeen office of law firm CMS.

The staff welcomed a new addition to the team – a colony of bees in their own hive.

The honey makers have taken up residence on the grounds of the Queen’s Road office as part of CMS’s efforts to promote biodiversity.

Hives have been introduced to many of the company’s operations in the UK and overseas.

CMS partnered with Bee Conservation, an organization dedicated to ensuring the survival of bees in the face of a range of environmental challenges, for the project.

The Law Firm’s bee gardens are designed to improve the environment and ensure that life is sweet for pollinators and their ecosystems.

In addition to hosting beehives, advocates make sure there are enough nectar-rich, pesticide-free flowers and trees in the surrounding area.

So the bees won’t need to travel far to find food or compete with nearby hives.

CMS also sets up bee clubs, where staff can learn the basics of beekeeping, supervised by professional beekeepers.

Busy bee lawyers

Norman Wisely, Managing Director of CMS’s Aberdeen office, said: “We are delighted to welcome the new hives to Aberdeen.

“We will encourage staff and customers to get involved by offering them the opportunity to learn more about beekeeping and how best to support these insects in their new home.”

He added: “We are incredibly passionate about our Bee program, which is just one of many projects we are undertaking as part of CMS’s broader commitment to sustainability.”

Barbara Mendler, Managing Director, Operations and Strategic Projects, CMS, said: “Biodiversity ensures that we have functioning ecosystems that are essential for all life on earth.

“Bees play a vital role in maintaining and promoting biodiversity, pollinating the food we need to survive, and many trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife.

“However, their numbers are decreasing. By bringing bees to CMS, we want to help maintain our vital ecosystems and enhance biodiversity in the communities where we operate.

Net zero goal

CMS, with nearly 80 offices in over 40 countries and more than 5,000 lawyers globally, aims to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Giving bees a home is just one of the many initiatives she has launched to achieve her sustainability goal.

A special board committee, led by senior partner Penelope Warne, meets regularly to prioritize and oversee the implementation of the company’s environmental commitments.

Other sustainability programs include a Social Impact Fund, intended to support organizations making a positive social impact in the communities where CMS staff live and work.

To date, over £100,000 has been donated to over 70 charities and community organizations at 20 locations across seven countries.

Meanwhile, renegotiating energy contracts to maximize supply from renewable sources has enabled seven of the company’s eight UK offices to go 100% green.

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[Law firm’s Aberdeen office positively buzzing]