The ever changing legal requirements in Canada regarding adoption make it necessary to seek an attorney who is not only proficient but also experienced in the area of family law. There are several situations where a legal expert can prove valuable during the adoption process. Whether it is a result of a divorce, remarriage or other change to the family, we know how to handle each and every step of the process.

In Canada there are four main types of adoptions including that of a step-parent or other family members, from an international organization, private adoption agency or through other aid organizations. Regardless, most adoptions require consent of the parents/guardians as well as at least one court hearing.

Because the courts revolve around the basis of best needs of a child, the adoption process can be rigorous and even stressful for adoptive parents. Our lawyers are sensitive to the emotional roller coaster that families may go through during the process. Bringing a new child into your family is a sensitive and complex process and we are committed to helping you along the way. We will ensure that you are kept up-to-date as the process moves forward. Adoption can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a family and our team will work hard to make sure that the positives are accentuated while moderating the negatives.

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