Child Custody

When a marriage breaks down children are inevitably stuck in the middle. Jag and his team know that separation and divorce are challenging times for your whole family. Our knowledge will help your create child custody arrangements that minimize the disruption on their young lives. Custody refers to who the children primarily live and the courts see it as separate from parenting time. However, custody arrangements directly affect child support so we advise you to seek professional advice in this matter.

In Canada there are several types of custody arrangements:

  • Sole custody – where the children live with one parent and the other parent may have visitation.
  • Joint Custody- where both parents have custody over the children but the residency and visitation may vary.
  • Shared Custody – when both parents have custody of the children and the children spend at least 40 % of their time with each parent.
  • Split Custody – this is when the children are split up between the parents, with one parent having custody of some children and the other parent maintaining custody of the other children.

We know that divorce can be a difficult and confusion situation for everyone involved. That is where our expertise can help. We can guide you through all the issues and make you aware of your rights. Our team is committed to keeping you informed of the process along the way. You will never be in the dark about what is happening. Let us work with you to minimize the negative aspects of divorce.

Call us today for your free consultation and see how we can help secure your future in this confusing time. Our lines are open 24 hours every day of the week, 1-888-524-8475.

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