The breakup of a marriage can be confusing and stressful. When divorce happens, you don’t want to walk the legal road on your own. The right attorney will work hard for your rights when you just feel you can’t fight anymore.  By having someone in your corner as you work through the legalities that come with the end of a relationship, you can be assured that you won’t be taken advantage of or lose more than you already have. We will collaborate with you through the issues and make sure you are aware of all your rights. As we help you move forward we will keep you informed of all the steps along the way. We’ll also work to minimize the negative aspects of divorce and maximize your gains.

There are many facets of a legal divorce. Some of the things that need to be considered with dealing with the breakdown of a marriage are:

  • child custody- which spouse will the children primarily reside with? Will it be shared custody of the children or sole custody? Who will be responsible for the day-to-day decisions of the children’s lives?
  • child support- how much will you or your spouse be required to pay? How will it be paid? What happens if a payment is missed?
  • spousal support – are you or your spouse entitled to any financial support?
  • access and visitation – how much time will each parent get to spend with the children? This can have a direct barring on child support payments.
  • asset distribution – How will you divide up common property that was attained during your relationship?

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