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The importance of marriage in the LGBT community.

I for one, have never had any inclination to marry, despite being in a long-term relationship. The money that would be used for the "civil partnership" wedding just to annoy the people opposing the new bill could be put towards my first home, or a nice, long holiday in the Caribbean.

For those in the LGBT community, entering a life long relationship with the love of their lives is something that many look forward to. Despite the prejudices against same-sex couples in mainstream society, several countries currently allow marriages between same-sex couples.

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Below are a list of some of these countries, and ideas of where the marriage could take place.

Belgium : It was the second country to legalize gay marriage, but there are several things that have to adhered to for the wedding to take place. At least one of the couple must be a resident of Belgium (no minimum time period bonus! A few weeks is usually the normgood excuse to move abroad for a few weeks).

In Belgium, there is no discrimination between heterosexual and homosexual couples, both could adopt children for instance. The marriage would take place at the Town Hall in the presence of two witnesses, and after, the couple is given a marriage book, evidence of their marital status.

Canada : Several states of Canada currently view same-sex marriage as legal. These include (and are not limited to) Ontario & British Columbia (2003) Quebec & Nova Scotia (2004) Alberta and the Northwest Territories (2005).

Numerous hotels currently cater for same-sex weddings, including Quarrystone House B&B who have stated on their website that they understand "the trust that you place in us when it comes to your wedding, regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation" and that they "make sure that everything goes as exactly as planned."

Iceland : Perhaps one of the few countries, in 2010 the bill was passed for gender-neutral weddings, with absolutely no opposition. It suddenly seems more appealing to not just have a wedding in Iceland, but move there altogether.

At least the climate is justified if this is the response to LGBT weddings.Rein Guesthouse in Eyrarbakki on the south coast of Iceland is a home from home B&B, offering a unique location for the marriage equality gay couples deserve. .

Sweden : From the Poll Archive of Angus Reid (24/12/2006), it seems that 71% of the Swedish community supported same-sex marriage, which was the second highest in the EU.

By changing the definition of marriage in Sweden, the local government has effectively removed the distinction between gay and straight couples (which can only be a good things with regards to marriage and human rights)

So it remains to be seen whether the UK is going to join the ever-growing list of countries that have legalized gay marriage. Personally, I do not see the problem with it. If you want to get married, then I hope you have the most beautiful and memorable time of your life. Fingers crossed the government in the UK can do something right for a change.

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