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Is Al Gore the Bernie Madoff of the Global Warming Community?

These emails confirm what most of us already knew about man-made global warming. For God's sake, all any of us had to do was walk outside this year to see the Earth is not warming up . I think here in Central Illinois we broke the mid 90s for one week this summer and did it even get to 100 or above? Is anyone really shocked about the content of the hacked emails or are you relieved that this stuff has finally come out?

With the revelation of these hacked emails, I have a huge question to ask. We just sent Bernie Madoff to jail for fraud and other charges for bilking investors out of money on a Ponzi scheme, so out of all the Federal prosecutors, state Attorney Generals, and other District Attorneys in the country, exactly why hasn't Al Gore been arrested on the similar charges as Bernie Madoff?

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In my layman's mind, Gore committed fraud by using the broken global warming data, despite knowing that scientists and others we're questioning that data. As stated above, Gore has profited handsomely from this busted data and has misled others to aid that profit. Gore sat in front of a Congressional committee and admitted that he was profiting from global warming, and companies he supported would also benefit from Cap and Trade. What about conspiracy? It's pretty obvious that Gore has partners in his fraudulent global warming enterprises in scientists, politicians (Sens. Kerry and Boxer), and companies. Still feeling good about that Cap and Trade vote Rep. Mark Kirk? What about perjury? When testifying in front of Congress, a person has to take an oath to tell the truth, just like in court. Gore has testified several times to the supposed legitimacy of global warming thereby misleading Senators and Representatives away from the truth. What about wire fraud? Al Gore has used his website to hock his books, DVDs, and his Current TV channel. A creative prosecutor could probably find more charges to bring against Gore.

The hacked emails serve as a backdrop for President Obama and his trip to Copenhagen where there is a possibility that he will sign away the United States' sovereignty while at the same time ushering in the greatest redistribution ever of the US and world's wealth to the Third World nations.

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