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Berkeley, CA, home to Northern California's famed University of California campus of the same name, now has over 100,000 residents. Lying on an east shore of the SF Bay, Berkeley is included in Alameda County. Due to the wonderful weather, green lifestyle and University climate, many Berkeley-ites prefer bicycles to cars. The resulting bicycle routes also create an ideal atmosphere for pedestrians. Unfortunately, accidents involving bikers and walkers can be a sad a deadly outcome when automobiles are involved. Bicyclists and pedestrians are simply no match for a large vehicle, such as a car, bus, train or truck. Have you or someone close to you been injured in a bike or pedestrian-related crash in Berkeley?

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To accommodate it's legions of walkers and cyclists, Berkeley has a number of routes and roads specifically designed for them. Wearing helmets, following safety regulations and being cautious on the road can help venturing cyclists and peds. Nevertheless drivers can be a hazard to others on the road through carelessness, drunkenness or simple error. If you've been hurt, we can help.

Following is a list of areas and paths popular in Berkeley for those preferring to leave their car at home:

  • San Francisco Bay Trail
  • Berkeley I-80 Bridge for Walkers and Bicyclists
  • Ohlone Greenway
  • Historic Bike and Pedestrian Paths throughout the city

Have you been hurt in a bicycle or pedestrian accident in the Berkeley area? Let aLaw Firm help you learn about your rights. We have a half century of combined legal experience. Call now to get your free and confidential interview with a lawyer. We are here to serve you now.

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