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A two-car accident on Highway 237 in San Jose, CA left passengers of an SUV dead and injured. The crash occurred when a two door coupe rear ended a Ford Explorer, resulting in the SUV rolling over. The crash killed two passengers in the Explorer and trapped 4 children inside, whose injuries included broken bones and lacerations. Rear-end accidents on Highways can be fatal, and SUV roll-overs are one of the most dangerous types of motor vehicle crashes. To learn more about these types of accidents, please visit our website.

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The accident occurred on a Sunday evening at North First Street and State Highway 237 in San Jose. The coupe rear-ended the SUV, and the result was a deadly roll over. Both drivers we're going around 75 mph in a 65 mph zone. None of the passengers in the SUV we're wearing seatbelts. Both the driver and a passenger in the SUV passengers died, while 4 children who we're passengers sustained injuries including a broken leg, a broken arm and facial lacerations. The people in the smaller car which hit the SUV we're not seriously injured. The SUV was totaled. While SUV rollovers are common, they are not the only vehicles which can rollover. Rollover accidents are highly dangerous due to the fact that passengers can be trapped in the vehicle, as was the case with this crash.

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