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Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Today it was announced that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. If anything, the awarding of this prize to someone that has yet to prove that they have done anything but read speeches from teleprompters and weaken a nation has shown that the Nobel Peace Prize is a fraud and is politically and ideologically motivated. A shame on the Nobel committee and voters. Leftist ideologues seem destined to win this award lessening it's meaning and honor.

In 2007, Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on spreading lies about global warming in his movie An Inconvenient Truth. Does anyone remember who Al Gore beat out?? One nominee was Irena Sendler. If you stop reading this article right here, at least read Irena's story and understand the complete disregard the Nobel Committee has for the meaning behind the prize that Ghandi was not awarded and MLK Jr. won.

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This year, President Obama's award for doing essentially nothing other than not being George W. Bush. So who did Obama beat out after doing nothing for 9 months? Greg Mortenson. Who is Greg Mortenson? He has helped found schools and girls schools in Asia in areas where the education of women is frowned upon and depending on where you may live, could result in your death. Read Greg Mortenson's biography and tell me whether he or Obama should have won the award.

The left always talks about the "vast right wing conspiracy" but does the Nobel award going to Obama prove a "vast left wing conspiracy"? They love to hear Obama go around the world apologizing for the United States, lessening our ability to defend against our enemies foreign and domestic, and negotiating with those that have an intense hatred of Israel. Maybe the Nobel is just the door prize for not getting the Olympics...

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